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      International market research tools
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      Psyma+Exevia Dental Omnibus
      The right solution for cost-efficient surveys of dentists and dental technicians
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      Psyma+Exevia Dental Market Monitor
      The right solution for continuous tracking of dentists' purchases
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      Psyma Virtual Sight & Sense
      Ethnography without fuss and ballyhoo - authentic and intensive
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      Psyma UX Testing
      Secure investments by taking user requirements into account.
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      Psyma Touchpoints Monitoring
      How do you manage a multitude of digital touchpoints?
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      Psyma Sprint
      Close the gap between creativity and success!
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      Psyma Sight & Sense
      Ethnography - authentic qualitative market research at its best.
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      Psyma Reputation Index 2023
      Psyma Reputation Index 2023 – results of leading companies from DE, UK, FR & NL
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      Psyma Quick Feed
      Efficient market research for quick decisions.
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      Psyma Online Communities – E-Business
      Get rich insights from the digital community.
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      Psyma Online Communities
      This way you keep your finger on the pulse of your target group.
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      Psyma Longterm Communities Finance
      Continuous and agile interaction with your financial clients.
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      Psyma Lab – Innovation and Concept Research
      Six steps to the best concept.
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      Psyma Intranet-Benchmarking
      Benefit from Psyma's intranet benchmarking expertise and gain user-oriented insights for the targeted optimisation of your intranet.
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      Psyma Insurance Benchmarking
      Because competitiveness is crucial.
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      Psyma Innovation Market Scan
      Test product innovations for success quickly and validly at the POS.
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      Psyma Expert Evaluation
      Agile development, input is needed but there is not enough time for a survey?
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      Psyma Ethno Walk®
      The Psyma Ethno-Walk® provides you with ethnographic depth on sensitive topics.
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      Psyma Customer Satisfaction Measurement
      Get Psyma's digital experts on board to learn more about your customers and optimise your customer relationship management (CRM).
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      Psyma Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Be one step ahead of the competition! Understand, inspire and retain customers.
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      Psyma Customer Excitement Index
      Learn more about customer excitement and understand users expectations at different stages of the Customer Journey.
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      Psyma Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Best Practices für Corporate Digital Touchpoints.
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      Psyma ConKano
      Innovative tool for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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      Psyma Concept Checker
      Compare communication concepts in detail and identify the most successful one.
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      Psyma Communication Optimizer
      Optimise communication - achieve advertising goals.
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      Psyma Car Clinics
      We accompany your complete product development cycle and collect extensive information far beyond the topic of vehicle design.
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      Psyma Brand Profiler
      For brands with personality instead of Me Too.
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      Psyma Brand Management
      Individual and agile solutions for brands in diversified and fragmented markets
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      Psyma Brand Lounge
      For the efficient optimisation of your brand architecture.
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      Psyma Brand Lab
      Develop a new brand identity with this proven method.
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      Psyma Biostructural analysis
      Understanding people better and communicating more successfully.
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      Psyma Benchmarking Product-/Shop- Websites
      Stay ahead with Psyma benchmarking for product/shop websites!
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      Psyma Benchmarking of International Social Media Platforms
      Don’t waste resources by ignoring users’ needs.
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      Psyma B2B Customer Satisfaction Meter
      Identify relevant insights into your customers' satisfaction and loyalty.
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      Psyma Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Psyma Automotive Website Benchmarking. Established Standard. Actionable results.
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      Psyma Automotive Design & Usability Testing
      Test usability in the design phase - avoid costly revisions.
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      Psyma AI LIVE
      Psyma AI LIVE Hybrid Research: Qualitative Insights - on a Large Scale and in Real Time
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      ISO: Quality Market Research Insights. Little Budget. Little Time.
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      Psyma Reputation Index
      Measure your brand reputation & benchmark against the Psyma Reputation Index
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      Psyma Digital Index
      2nd wave in Germany I/2023
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      Well-founded market research – sound market analysis using innovative tools and tried-and-tested methods

      We design customized studies by drawing on a broad range of methods and innovative approaches for effective market research. We provide agile, efficient tools and methods that fully meet the scientific quality requirements for data collection, analysis, and evaluation.

      Survey methods
      • CATI
      • CAPI
      • IDI, individual interviews, individual exploration
      • Triads
      • Group discussions, focus groups
      • Online communities
      • Online surveys
      • Observations
      • Mystery shopping
      • Desk research/secondary research
      • Testing
      • Eye-tracking
      • Implicit measurements
      • Real-time response collection
      • Ethnographic research
      • Labs – Uselab – customer feedback labs
      • Monitoring
      • Simulation
      • Experiments
      • Delphi method
      • Framing
      • Social media monitoring
      • Card sorting
      • Remote testing
      • Omnibus surveys
      • Multi-topic surveys, multi-customer surveys
      • Workshops
      • Look and feel tests
      • Trend research
      • Format tests
      • “On-air tests” of live audience reception
      • Evaluation of TV advertising and trailers
      • Searching for/auditioning hosts
      • CRM and loyalty research
      • Reputation management
      • Car clinics
      • Early-buyer/early-rejecter research
      • Patient records
      • Longitudinal studies
      • Ad Optimizer/Story Optimizer
      • Online folder tests
      • Click tests
      Analysis methods
      • Reducing data complexity
      • Reducing model complexity
      • Model selection
      • White box models
      • Black box models
      • Preference models
      • Pricing models
      • Forecasts
      • Data fusion
      • Unsupervised learning
      • Spatial models
      • Information architecture
      • Segmentation
      • Natural language processing
      • Data cleaning
      • Data integration
      • Quota management
      • Feedback
      • Speech recognition/speech segmentation
      • Conjoint
      • MaxDiff
      • Discrimination analysis
      • Factor analysis
      • Multivariate processes
      • Segmentation
      • Regression analysis
      • Biostructure analysis
      • Benchmarking
      • Van Westendorp price analysis
      • Gabor-Granger method
      • Tracking
      • KPI tracking
      • Expert reports