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      Maximize potential

      Psyma combines innovative qualitative and quantitative approaches to gain a complete picture of just how effective your communications are.

      We tailor each project to your specific communication concept and help you to maximize the potential of your communication measures by addressing your target group in the best way possible. We have been conducting communication research for 50 years so we know what really matters.

      Our methods and how we integrate them into the advertising development process
      Focus groups and in-depth interviews

      … help you develop and optimize your communications by providing a qualitative analysis of consumers’ natural way of speaking and thinking. They also provide in-depth insights into selected target groups.


      … help you develop and optimize your communications by providing rapid, quantitative feedback gained in focus groups.

      • Immediately after seeing an ad, participants rate it by answering closed-ended questions using mobile devices (e.g. smartphones)
      • The results are analyzed quickly – while the group discussion is still ongoing – and then integrated into the survey. This allows the participants to discuss their own personal perceptions.
      • This method helps with the process of selecting ideas and allows credible participants to be identified and selected for further discussions.

      Advantages of real-time response tools

      • Flexible approach thanks to the use of mobile technology
      • Interactive study design
      • Mixed method design: quantitative data is integrated in a qualitative context
      • High number of cases makes data more valid
      • Fast results so decisions can be made immediately
      • Applicable worldwide

      Psyma Communication Optimizer -

      “Ad Optimizer” / “Story Optimizer”

      This unique tool helps you to fine-tune your advertising design by comparing alternative wording options, images, or messages.

      • Participants are shown different combinations of product messages
      • Images or graphics can be integrated
      • The results highlight the relative importance to the target group(s) of different expressions within the communications
      • Can also be used to optimize packaging and to define the ideal target group for a brand or product

      Psyma Communication Optimizer -


      … shows how the viewer’s visual attention moves around the ad and how intently they look at it. This allows you to discover:

      • whether important elements of the ad are seen
      • how quickly they are noticed
      • how interested the viewers are and how complex the ad is perceived to be
      • whether the ad is perceived as intended and has the desired effect

      Important findings:

      • How do layout and design affect attention?
      • Which areas of an ad are interesting and which areas do not attract any attention?
      • Which areas attract the most attention?
      • Are the product, message, and advertiser receiving enough attention?
      • Do elements of the ad direct attention to other important areas?
      • Where do viewers process the content more deeply?


      Psyma Communication Optimizer -


      This method involves us placing test ads into magazines alongside other ads. This allows us to assess the ad’s characteristics and to examine how much attention the ad is given and how attractive it is when viewed alongside its competitors.

      • Compilation of ten to twelve current ads according to your requirements
      • Format is taken into account (one or two pages, size of pages, etc.)
      • Ads are displayed in a random order to avoid recall effects

      The test is a realistic simulation of how advertising is viewed in everyday life, meaning that it provides valuable results in several areas:

      • Brand impact
      • Amount of attention paid to the ad and how strong its message is when it is viewed alongside its competitors
      • Identification of the most important elements

      After the folder has been presented, the participants are interviewed in detail.


      … easy to incorporate into online surveys or face-to-face interviews

      • Respondents can click on all areas
      • The results show which elements of an ad are particularly persuasive and why

      Psyma Communication Optimizer -

      Concept Checker

      This Psyma tool compares communication concepts in detail online. The results show which of several variants better fulfil your objectives and explain why this is the case, e.g. product descriptions that emphasize different benefits or applications. In addition to evaluating your concepts in full, the tool can be used to perform a detailed analysis of individual messages and texts. The questions are designed especially with your respondents in mind.

      Psyma Concept Checker