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      We apply a similar principle to our media research by using tried-and-tested methods, which we constantly review, improve, and adapt to your particular requirements. Whenever new approaches are needed, we use our enthusiasm and in-depth industry knowledge to develop innovative processes. Qualitatively and quantitatively, on all analog and digital channels.

      We connect the dots across all relevant platforms. Our skills lie in getting to the bottom of things and in discovering who uses which media offerings on which channels. We dig deep to uncover when, how, and why. We use state-of-the-art methods to process our findings and provide expert and in-depth analysis and interpretation as well as clear strategic recommendations. As researchers and consultants, we deliver more than just data. And we do so with passion and expertise – to ensure your success.

      Overcoming the challenge posed by digitalization – media research in times of change

      Hardly any market has changed as much and as quickly in recent years as the media market. The digital transformation is having a significant impact on how people interact with the media, with more and more consumers using multiple media channels in parallel. Undivided attention and genuine customer loyalty have become precious commodities across the media landscape.

      Instead of focusing on microcosms, we look at the parallel worlds in which media is consumed to find out who you reach, when, how, and where. And why.

      We use our broad and in-depth industry knowledge to take a close look at your viewers, listeners, and readers. Our deep insights and valid data help us to uncover the hidden layers of your market and how it is being shaped by the digital transformation.

      The big picture – third-party platforms, brand effectiveness, and customer loyalty

      The digital transformation is increasing offerings and reach across all media, with content available on numerous channels around the clock. The number of people using the various formats and products is also growing accordingly. But what’s the deal with brand recognition on third-party platforms? How effective is your brand? And is long-term customer loyalty at risk?

      Our approach to media research looks at the big picture by finding out whether your viewers, listeners, or readers are aware of your brand. We investigate whether they actually care about who created the content, whether they recognize your brand, and how relevant this is to their perception of the content. In doing so, we look at the different platforms and target groups, adapting our processes to their individual needs. Using the insights gained in this way, we develop specific strategic recommendations for action for your brand and customer loyalty strategies.

      Because not all are equal
      We think out of the box and configure a customised research framework for your automotive market research project, including flexible and short-term adjustments - for a maximum of relevant insights.
      Our range of services
      More than just data – efficient and creative media research

      We use all relevant media research methods to answer your specific questions. We develop innovative research designs tailored to your target group, and can perform qualitative or quantitative research – or even a mixture of both.

      In addition to examining your product, we focus closely on your viewers, listeners, or readers and take an especially keen interest in researching their lifestyles. We are only concerned by parameters such as income and age to a limited extent. We are much more interested in what motivates consumers, the way in which they consume media, and how it affects them. This involves us finding out which media, formats, and products fit into their everyday lives.

      We know how important it is to be well-received and we appreciate how your target groups respond to content differently. Thanks to our expertise across all platforms and our ability to tailor our research methods to a range of content and strategies, you can be confident that you will always meet your target group’s needs exactly. This is what our efficient and creative media research is all about.

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      We Are Psyma

      60 years of expertise and passion in Media Research

      260 Passionate People in 8 countries. That’s big enough for a broad spectrum of methods and innovative approaches to Media Research. But also flexible enough for customized, industry-specific processes – our Creative Solutions.

      Psyma is the largest privately managed market research institute in Germany and has been providing independent and reliable results for over 60 years. We continuously conduct research in more than 40 countries and are also familiar with your market and industry. We determine your needs, identify your opportunities, and provide you with clear recommendations for action.

      Psyma is a byword for B2C and B2B market research conducted with passion and intellect. We love what we do and provide our clients with an end-to-end service. By putting together a Psyma team of industry experts specially suited to your project, we provide you with the best possible range of skills for your needs. Your own dedicated account manager will accompany you every step of the way during your market research project.

      All you need is Psyma – get started with us today!



      We love to share - selected Cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you and our colleagues. And we certainly don’t miss out on synergies between the Psyma client teams.

      In the last ten years alone, we have conducted more than 650 qualitative tests for TV broadcasters – all of which we are proud of.

      Impulse session
      Psyma Impulse
      Mach doch mal hype-lang!
      Design thinking - and other agile methods between hype and state-of-the-art as a prerequisite for successful innovation.
      You can book our impulse sessions as webinars or at your premises free of charge.
      Catharina Zönnchen, Senior Consultant , DE | München
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      Thomas Kolbeck
      Managing Director
      Psyma Research+Consulting GmbH
      DE Rückersdorf
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