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      In this environment, intelligent, targeted financial market research is needed more than ever before. We conduct agile, comprehensive, and high-quality research – and always keep up to date with the latest developments. By skillfully combining many years of market expertise with sophisticated analytical methods, we develop tailored qualitative and quantitative research methods to answer your specific questions. Drawing on our background knowledge and industry expertise, we translate the raw data into promising strategies, giving you well-founded, actionable recommendations to help you remain successful in the digital age.

      Intelligent financial market research to help you develop innovations that secure your success

      The financial services and insurance industry is facing unprecedented challenges. As digitalization advances, traditional touchpoints are disappearing in an industry in which close customer relationships are crucial to success. This is leading to a change in customer mindsets. For example, brand loyalty is no longer a given now that customers can switch to a competitor in just a few quick clicks.

      What’s more, numerous new providers are now flooding on to the market, some of which better meet the requirements of the digitally savvy target group – thanks, for example, to new web services and apps for cashless payments or processing claims. The pressure to innovate and compete in the market is enormous.

      We firmly believe in the potential of strong customer loyalty even in the digital age.

      We use the insights we gain during our financial market research to evaluate existing touchpoints and identify new ones with the concept of digital customer care in mind. But that’s not all – in addition to finding out where and how you can reach your target group, we also discover how you can keep them interested in your company and your services in the long term. If you are planning to launch new products and services, we can determine incentives for use as well as potential barriers. Using our expertise and tailored research formats, we ensure that you do not lose sight of what your customers need and support you to withstand the pressure to innovate in your market. We look forward to using our financial market research to help you keep abreast of developments.

      Use long-term communities to keep on top of your diverse target group’s requirements
      We know your target group inside out. Having built up a long-term community tailored to the financial industry, we can provide you with quick and reliable daily insights into a wide range of questions along the customer journey. We research, you optimize.
      Our range of services

      We Are Psyma

      60 years of expertise and passion in financial market research

      260 Passionate People in 8 countries. That’s big enough for a broad spectrum of methods and innovative approaches to financial market research. But also flexible enough for customized, industry-specific processes – our Creative Solutions.

      Psyma is the largest privately managed market research institute in Germany and has been providing independent and reliable results for over 60 years. We continuously conduct research in more than 40 countries and are also familiar with your market and industry. We determine your needs, identify your opportunities, and provide you with clear recommendations for action.

      Psyma is a byword for B2C and B2B market research conducted with passion and intellect. We love what we do and provide our clients with an end-to-end service. By putting together a Psyma team of industry experts specially suited to your project, we provide you with the best possible range of skills for your needs. Your own dedicated account manager will accompany you every step of the way during your market research project.

      All you need is Psyma – get started with us today!



      We love to share - selected cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international car manufacturers and suppliers. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you.

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      What our clients say

      “Ich freue mich immer auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Psyma: hohe Kundenorientierung, effiziente Prozesse, zuverlässige Umsetzung und sehr angenehme Ansprechpartner. Deshalb hält unsere Zusammenarbeit auch schon seit über 10 Jahren.”

      Patrick Rückerl, Senior Market Research Manager, BayernLB

      The Psyma Newsroom - Insights and Inspiration

      Discover new perspectives and be inspired by selected articles, studies and news from the Psyma world.

      Impulse session
      Psyma Impulse
      Mach doch mal hype-lang!
      Design thinking - and other agile methods between hype and state-of-the-art as a prerequisite for successful innovation.
      You can book our impulse sessions as webinars or at your premises free of charge.
      Ingrid Bohmann, Senior Consultant , DE | München
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      Managing Director
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      Consulting GmbH
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