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      Profound market knowledge
      Development of marketing strategies
      Decision-making process
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      Market Research
      Methods / analyses / tools
      Development of tools and solutions

      Profound market knowledge

      Development of marketing strategies

      Decision-making process


      Methods / Analyses / Tools

      Development of tools and solutions

      “From result to action”
      • “Translator” between “research world” and business needs
      • “Expert” for industry and target group specific methods
      • “Supplier” of findings and derivation of recommendations for action
      • “Multi-Channel Manager” for diverse information sources
      • “Partner” to communicate market and customer requirements to higher management levels

      From international industrial market research and strategy consulting to B2B market research – we go the extra mile for you

      The world is changing at breakneck speed, with factors like new infrastructure, digitalization, carbon dioxide neutrality, and globalization presenting an exciting mix of opportunities and risks for international companies.

      Decisions made on gut instinct are no longer helpful here. Instead, what businesses need are well-founded insights to help them make decisions – without compromise.

      Regardless of how complex the market, how specific the industry, or how big the challenge, we look at the situation with fresh eyes and sound out your options. We use our international industrial market research and business strategy consulting to provide reliable analyses of new target groups, identify market potential, and help companies successfully enter (new) international markets.

      Drawing on our established tools, our many years of expertise in market research, and our reliable data, we work together with you to make you more competitive and to put you in the best possible position to carve out a name for yourself globally. Our consultants work with you closely as partners and are there for you to bounce ideas off. We look forward to helping you with our international industrial market research and strategy consulting at the highest level.

      Because your customers are everything to you
      Even seemingly loyal customers may switch to the competition. After all, a product or service that inspires someone today could well be taken for granted tomorrow. With our innovative analysis tools, you are always one step ahead of your customer – at every decision-making level, from your executive board or management team to your specialist department.
      Our services

      Industrial market research and infrastructure research in times of change

      The linear customer journey no longer exists in our digital age. A wide variety of touchpoints have long since been combined in a multi-dimensional space. And no processes have been left untouched by these developments. From instantaneousness to multi-channel analysis or agility, new focal points require new thinking and new approaches. It is precisely this constant change that drives us. We can’t wait to hear about what you’d like us to research and we are confident that we will find the answers you need.

      We Are Psyma

      60 years of expertise and passion in industrial market research and infrastructure research

      260 Passionate People in 8 countries. That’s big enough for a broad spectrum of methods and innovative approaches to industrial market research and infrastructure research. But also flexible enough for customized, industry-specific processes – our Creative Solutions.

      Psyma is the largest privately managed market research institute in Germany and has been providing independent and reliable results for over 60 years. We continuously conduct research in more than 40 countries and are also familiar with your market and industry. We determine your needs, identify your opportunities, and provide you with clear recommendations for action.

      Psyma is a byword for B2C and B2B market research conducted with passion and intellect. We love what we do and provide our clients with an end-to-end service. By putting together a Psyma team of industry experts specially suited to your project, we provide you with the best possible range of skills for your needs. Your own dedicated account manager will accompany you every step of the way during your market research project.

      All you need is Psyma – get started with us today!



      Impulse Session on Industrial Market Research
      Can SMEs already go digital?
      Small and medium-sized enterprises are also ready for digitalisation - by turning challenges into opportunities. You can book our impulse sessions as a webinar or at your premises free of charge.
      Marion Krämer-Bongartz, Managing Director, Psyma+Consultic GmbH
      DE Rückersdorf / Nürnberg
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      Marion Krämer-Bongartz
      Managing Director
      Psyma+Consultic GmbH
      DE Rückersdorf / Nürnberg
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