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      We will find the right solution for your research needs, both methodologically and in terms of content, using innovative but proven methods and technologies. This is how we achieve valid data and actionable results – and this is also how we measure ourselves.

      All of this leads to our motto:

      Passionate People.
      Creative Solutions.

      Customer relationship

      As a privately owned company, we are independent in our activities, not compulsively committed to growth and driven by the share price. Customer relationships are more important to us than optimizing returns. Nevertheless, we are large enough to support our customers globally with our own companies in the world’s key markets. At the same time, our size still allows us to offer personal care to each and every customer and to each project.


      We are straightforward and will be honest with you if we do not currently have the resources or expertise to deliver the quality you deserve. We wll also point out when we believe an approach is inappropriate or the effort excessive to achieve the research goal. A solid and trustworthy partnership is more important to us than just selling a project.

      Knowledge Management

      Knowledge and expertise are spread out across the company. There is no one person who is knowledgeable in all industries and on all topics. Networking and knowledge exchange are important. Ongoing bundling of our global competence allows us to share this knowledge with our clients around the world. Short internal channels and innovative technical platforms developed within the company gives us the opportunity to access information and connect with colleagues globally.


      Innovation is not a one-off; it is an ongoing process. New processes and technologies must provide benefits, deliver additional knowledge or simplify processes and tools. And above all, they must function safely which means data protection is always in the forefront. This is why innovation is a top priority for us and our employees.

      Employees & Qualification

      It is our people who make the difference. Psychologists, sociologists, marketing graduates, economists and graduates from other faculties make up our interdisciplinary teams. Resourceful brainstorming leads to “out of the box” thinking.
      Finding the “right” and suitable colleague is elementary for initiating and conducting successful market research projects. We expect colleagues to be enthusiastic about their work and to demonstrate passionate commitment to market research and client projects. In return, we offer a trusting working relationship, personal responsibility and freedom to carry out the respective tasks. This results is low fluctuation, leading to stability and continuity of client relationships.


      Since 2017, we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 20252 (now 2019). Both standards provide a good framework to regularly scrutinize, optimize and document the core processes within the company. This enables systematic learning across units and departments and allows to align processes throughout the company to ensure maximum quality. This benefits both customers, who can rely on receiving “premium” services through the PSYMA GROUP, as well as employees, who have access to targeted tools and guidelines for their daily work.

      According to Dr. Frank Knapp (PSYMA GROUP, CIO), “the certification offers us a good reason to adapt existing processes to new framework conditions such as legal requirements (e.g. data protection), customer specifications such as IT security, and new technologies (external storage to cloud, social); it also allows us to react flexibly to new requirements and implement them promptly.”

      Quality is therefore not just a buzzword at Psyma, it is an obligation which we take seriously in all areas of our operation. Continuous process improvement and resource optimization are an integral part of the company’s philosophy. They encompass all areas of the company, from human resources to IT and from sales to project management.