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      Targeted research approaches that uncover customers’ future expectations

      Besides being highly competitive, the FMCG market has undergone huge and rapid changes in recent years. Customers no longer simply want to buy products. Instead, everything has become about the brand experience. At the same time, the number of contact points between companies, brands, and consumers is increasing. On top of this, companies have to take relevant social trends and changing consumer expectations into account in their brand and product management strategies. Overcoming these challenges requires fresh thinking and new approaches – and this is precisely what drives us.

      We promise to find out what really makes your target groups tick and what they expect from your brand and products.

      Using our broad background knowledge and industry expertise, we translate data and perceptions into practical, promising strategies. You will receive reliable insights and actionable recommendations based on the context we uncover so that you can make the right decisions to turn your brand and product management into a success.

      Consumer goods -

      Knowing today what your customers want tomorrow

      Consumer goods environment. Customers no longer just want to buy, they want to experience something. At the same time, the number of touchpoints between company, brand and consumer is increasing: today’s multichannel consumer is looking for the best offer at the best price. Ultimate guide: online reviews.

      Challenge accepted – we have the overall view of the market development as well as the consumer trends of tomorrow.

      We find out for you which factors actually influence the purchase decision of your target groups. With our broad background knowledge and our deep industry expertise – global as well as local – we translate raw data and perceptions into practical, promising strategies: You receive well-founded, resilient insights and actionable recommendations that take the big picture into account.

      Because the wheel turns faster and faster: Agile market research
      We know that things move quickly. Especially online. Our agile market research tools deliver well-founded results within just five to seven working days. We’ll also have the key findings ready for you just 12 hours after the fieldwork comes to an end.
      Our range of services

      It’s all about finding the perfect mix

      We have a wide range of methods at our fingertips and, depending on what we are researching, we often use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. This is one of our hidden talents, by the way. And it’s just one of the skills that make us stand out.

      Qualitative methods
      • Group discussions, in-depth interviews, mini groups, expert discussions, creative workshops
      • Ethnographic research (observations, shopper journeys, in-home interviews, EthnoWalks®)
      • Online research (online communities, blogs, forums, and live chats)
      • Computer-aided research such as eye-tracking and real-time response
      • Usability labs



      Quantitative methods
      • Online surveys: online access panels, on-site surveys, email surveys
      • Personal interviews (CAPI) including POS and event surveys
      • Telephone interviews (CATI)
      • Mobile surveys directly on smartphones

      Consumer goods -

      We Are Psyma

      60 years of expertise and passion in consumer goods research

      260 Passionate People in 8 countries. That’s big enough for a broad spectrum of methods and innovative approaches to consumer goods research. But also flexible enough for customized, industry-specific processes – our Creative Solutions.

      Psyma is the largest privately managed market research institute in Germany and has been providing independent and reliable results for over 60 years. We continuously conduct research in more than 40 countries and are also familiar with your market and industry. We determine your needs, identify your opportunities, and provide you with clear recommendations for action.

      Psyma is a byword for B2C and B2B market research conducted with passion and intellect. We love what we do and provide our clients with an end-to-end service. By putting together a Psyma team of industry experts specially suited to your project, we provide you with the best possible range of skills for your needs. Your own dedicated account manager will accompany you every step of the way during your market research project.

      All you need is Psyma – get started with us today!



      We love to share - selected cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of consumer research.

      The Psyma Newsroom - Insights and Inspiration

      Discover new perspectives and be inspired by selected articles, studies and news from the Psyma world.

      Impulse session
      Psyma Impulse
      Is the bagged soup at an end?
      How does Gen Z behave when it comes to category and product selection? There are now countless studies on the attitudes and lifestyles of Gen Z. But what does it look like in concrete terms when it comes to buying and consuming (convenience) food? Which products are relevant for this target group? And which ones are possibly no longer sufficiently successful in appealing to young consumers?
      Vera Steger, Associate Director, DE | Rückersdorf Nürnberg
      Your contact person
      Psyma Contact
      Vera Steger
      Associate Director
      Psyma Research+Consulting GmbH
      DE Rückersdorf / Nürnberg
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