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      Expert Evaluation
      Your Challenges
      Expert Evaluation -
      • Need fast results & budget is limited?
      • Your product
        is still in development?
      • Objective & independent second opinion required?
      • Looking for fresh inspiration?
      • Stuck in the development process?
      • PSYMA Circle Weiß

        Benefit from Psyma’s expertise from user perspectives to “gold” standards​

      Expert Evaluation
      Expert evaluation as the solution
      PSYMA UX Check Quick turnaround
      • ​Time efficient evaluation of research questions​
      • Fast delivery of meaningful insights​
      PSYMA UX Check High flexibility
      • ​No mature test object required​
      • Possibility to book add-ons, e.g. for quantification of research questions​
      PSYMA UX Check Cost-efficient
      • ​Adequate price-performance ratio​
      • No primary data collection needed​
        (e.g. test studio & test persons, etc.)​
      PSYMA UX Check Tailor-made consulting
      • Direct focus on insights needed​
      • Specific and actionable answers to your individual research questions​
      Expert Evaluation
      Psyma’s 3-step expert evaluation process based on your individual needs:
      1. Input
      • Your test object (prototype, design draft, current website / tools etc.) ​
      • Your research question[s]​
      2. Evaluation
      • Independent & objective evaluation ​
      • Assessment by at least two Psyma experts​
      3. Output
      • Full report with actionable insights & screenshot based illustrations​
      • Interactive workshop​
      Our E-Business industry expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Expert Evaluation

      What our
      clients say

      We were able to significantly improve our results by working with Psyma’s experts.

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with real added value for our daily work – and beyond that for strategic considerations.

      The implementation was carried out highly professionally from conception to implementation to analysis and the presentation of results and the accompanying optimisation proposals.

      Expert Evaluation
      Project scope tailored to insights needed & budget available
      Scope / test object

      Development status of tools / processes, concepts, first drafts etc.

      Prototypes / mockups of complete tools / processes / websites, etc.

      Multi-dimensional research questions, e.g. comparison with competitor solutions and / or evaluation in several markets

      Turnaround time​ (delivery of results within)

      Small: ca. 1-5 working days

      Medium: ca. 1-2 weeks

      Large: ca. 2-4 weeks

      Sample Costs

      Small: 1.000 – 5.000 € (Example)

      Medium: 5.000 – 10.000 € (Example)

      Large: ≥ 10.000 € (Example)

      Expert Evaluation
      Sample Projects
      Expert Evaluation -
      Sample project ‘Small’
      • Test object: Live version of a new tool, e.g. a new car configurator ​
      • One test market​
      • Benchmark: Gold standard in the industry or area of application​
      • Devices: Mobile & desktop​
      • Outcome: KPI report with detailed recommendations for each configuration step & general test criteria including best practice examples​
      • Sample costs: < 5.000 €​
      • Turnaround time: < 1 week​
      Expert Evaluation
      Sample Projects
      Expert Evaluation -
      Sample project ‘Medium’
      • Test object: Corporate website​
      • One test market​
      • Benchmark: 10 competitor websites with regard to 5 major target groups / use cases​
      • Devices: Focus on desktop​
      • Outcome: Identification of industry standards, trends & “nice to haves”; KPI report with key findings for each competitor & ​
        use case incl. recommendations​
      • Sample costs: < 10.000 €​
      • Turnaround time: ca. 3 weeks​
      Expert Evaluation
      Sample Projects
      Expert Evaluation -
      Sample project 'Large'
      • Test object: Several different prototype modules of a complete new website version​
        One or more test markets​
      • Benchmark: Gold standard in the industry​
      • Devices: Mobile & desktop​
      • Outcome: KPI reports with recommendations for each module including best practice examples; Additional workshop​
      • ​Sample costs: > 20.000 €​
      • Turnaround time: ca. 4 weeks​
      Expert Evaluation
      Project Parameter
      Relevant project scope parameters
      Individual project scope tailored to your needs
      • Covered use cases / ​target groups​
      • Devices
      • Test object[s]​
      • Benchmark
      • Markets, ​country / language versions​
      Test object[s]

      Any level of maturity, e.g.:

      • Mockups​
      • Click dummies​
      • Screen designs​
      • Prototype​
      • Current website / app

      Main research focus, e.g.:​

      • Full website​
      • Single tools​
      • Information architecture
      • ​Benchmark targeted to your needs.
      • E.g. comparison vs. industry gold standard or vs. pre-defined competitors.​
      Markets, country / language version
      • ​Different markets / languages = different requirements & specific challenges?​
      • Evaluation of 1+x versions possible, based on your needs & focus.​
      • ​Overall evaluation vs. device specific evaluation, depending on your research focus​
      • ​E.g. for specific tools or information architecture: separate evaluation of at least two devices recommended (different screen size, usability, etc.)​
      Use cases / target groups
      • ​Define specific use cases / target groups from one major user group / use case to multiple user groups / uses cases.​
      • E.g. existing customers vs. prospects​
      Expert Evaluation
      Support expert evaluation findings with additional data sources​

      Check Gain insights about your digital users that help you set the right focus for your expert evaluation.
      Check Confirm & extend the results of the qualitative expert evaluation with quantified data.


      Panel Quick Validation
      Check Description: Random sample (e.g. n=250) from a pool of pre-profiled consumers answers a short online questionnaire of max. 5 closed questions.
      Check Sample insight: 53% of the buyers of hygiene products expect the issue of sustainability to be addressed on the manufacturer’s website.

      Additional Question in Benchmarking
      Check Description: Ask your website visitors within the benchmarking survey about additional topics being in the focus of the expert evaluation.
      Check Sample insight: 44% of all website visitors using the car configurator are “not satisfied (at all)” with the visual depiction of the configured car.

      On-Site Survey
      Check Description: Invite your actual website visitors to take part in a short online survey by posting an invitation layer on all relevant webpages.
      Check Sample insight: The two main user groups visiting your corporate website are job seekers (30%) and private consumers (22%).

      Deepening & Enriching

      Combination Webanalytics Data
      Check Description: Joint analysis of survey data and data from web analytics. Identification and  explanation of user behavior, satisfaction or conversion metrics.
      Check Sample insight: Users who drop out of configuration process at the selection of engines are predominantly close to a planned car purchase and particularly dissatisfied.

      Check Description: Identify unknown use cases based on cluster / factor analysis using already existing survey data. The expert evaluation will specifically cover these use cases.
      Check Sample insight: There is a relevant target segment of B2C customers visiting your B2B online shop whose specific needs are not addressed.

      UX Day
      Check Description: 1 or ½ day external workshop.​
Test persons (n=8-12) go through a sequence of moderated test stations with predefined use cases. Concluding workshop with all stakeholders.
      Check Sample insight: Several users struggle with the registration and login process on your website which leads to a break in the customer journey.

      Expert Evaluation
      Psyma’s Expert Evaluation delivers
      1. Actionable results & insightful recommendations for optimization

      a) KPI Scores
      Check Results of scorecard evaluation:
      Check Average of experts‘ scores
      Check KPI score with explanation

      b) SWOT & Recommendations
      Check Reporting of detailed findings:
      Check Strengths & Weaknesses
      Check Specific recommendations

      c) Best Practice Examples
      Check Presentation of best examples
      Check Visualized via screenshots

      2. Meaningful extensions

      Check Confirm & extend results via add-ons.
      Check Discuss key results with all stakeholders & Psyma in an interactive workshop.
      Check Measure impact of changes by conducting follow-up research.

      Profit from our expertise and range of capabilities
      Psyma-Icon01 Independent expertise

      Unbiased results with a fresh look at challenges at hand

      Psyma-Icon02 User perspective

      In-depth understanding of digital customer journey, user requirements, motives & drivers of satisfaction

      Psyma-Icon03 Broad experience

      Industries, markets, use cases, commercial approaches, innovations……

      Your Contact
      Expert Evaluation -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your Contact
      Expert Evaluation -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Psyma Expert Evaluation

      ​Partner up with Psyma’s digital experts and leverage digitalization.​