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      Psyma Sprint
      Your digital Challenges
      Psyma Sprint -
      • Identify willingness to pay / pricing
      • Clear communication with target groups
      • Provide intuitive channeling
      • Focus on relevant product portfolio
      • PSYMA Circle Grau

        Benefit from Psyma‘s expertise:​
        Profit with PsySprint from a range of proven approaches.​

      Psyma Sprint
      Psyma sprint as the solution
      PSYMA UX Check Quick turnaround
      • ​Pre-defined modules & outputs​
      • Fast delivery of meaningful insights​
      PSYMA UX Check High flexibility
      • ​Base solution for quick and cost-efficient turn-around.​
      • Added-value extensions if needed.​
      PSYMA UX Check Cost-efficient
      • ​Adequate price-performance ratio​
      PSYMA UX Check Tailor-made consulting
      • ​Direct focus on insights needed​
      • Specific and actionable answers to your individual research questions​
      Psyma Sprint
      Modules solving your specific research challenges
      PSYMA UX Check 1. Quick Selector

      From many ideas to the most relevant ones​

      PSYMA UX Check 2. Quick Price Checker

      From many relevant ideas to those valued (willingness to pay)​

      PSYMA UX Check 3. Quick Concept Checker

      Test & refine soundness & impact of a concept​

      PSYMA UX Check 4. Quick Structurator

      Integrate new products into the existing portfolio

      Expert Evaluation
      With 3 clear steps to your insights
      1. Input
      • Your test object (product features, designs….) ​
      • Your research question[s]​
      • Your target groups​
      2. Evaluation
      • Assessment of products & concepts: From ideation to implementation​
      • Application of the adequate PsySprint-Modules​
      3. Output
      • Screen “nuggets” out of a multitude of ideas​
      • Identify commercial value of the idea / product
      • Useful material to model & communicate your idea​
      • Derive optimal structure, & nomenclature​
      Our E-Business industry expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Psyma Sprint

      What our
      clients say

      We were able to significantly improve our results by working with Psyma’s experts.

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with real added value for our daily work – and beyond that for strategic considerations.

      The implementation was carried out in a highly professional manner, from the conception and implementation to the analysis and presentation of the results and the accompanying optimisation proposals.

      Psyma Sprint
      Solution: 1. Quick Selector
      It’s easy to generate ideas, but which ideas out of a multitude are actually worth pursuing?
      Don’t opinionate, but validate your creative results:  Identify ideas which generate the highest added value for your segment(s). The Quick Selector from Psyma systematically separates the relevant from the less relevant and safeguards efficient use of budget and resources. Monitor customer needs permanently. Win new customers. Prevent churn. Stay competitive.

      "From nice-to-have to USP!"
      • Identification of impactful ideas​
      • Strategic optimization of the product portfolio ​
      • Allocate resources efficiently​
      • High data quality through easy to understand questions (ConKano method)​
      • Easy to integrate into existing surveys​
      • Segment-specific analysis advisable​

      → Screen “nuggets” out of a multitude of ideas Quick turn-around ensured​

      Psyma Sprint
      Solution: 2. Price Checker
      Is a new (product) idea (sufficiently) valued, i.e. the willingness to pay of prospects sufficient high?
      Willingness to pay determines whether it is commercially sensible to add relevant ideas to your product portfolio.

      The aim is to uncover the discrepancy between the companies' costs to implement and the prospects' actual willingness to pay. Using the Van Westendorp method, the price sensitivity of consumers is measured in order to find the optimal price point, an acceptable price range and the maximum number of buyers.

      ​​​A great idea is useless if the customer does not pay for it!
      • Measurement of the willingness to pay​
      • Knowledge of market reference prices​
      • Applicable in the early phase of product development → assess all potential product versions​
      • Cost saving​
      • High data quality through four short and easy to understand questions (Van Westendorp method)​
        Model price points as well as volume & value of the (potential) market

      → Quick check of all relevant (product) ideas regarding commercial value.​

      Psyma Sprint
      Solution: 3. Quick Concept Checker
      Is the message about added value or innovation getting through?
      The Quick Concept Checker provides measurable evidence of (potential) users’ point of view. Do not waste money with weak concept elements and strengthen strong ones. Systematically identify/test your key assumptions and refine your concept  for a given segment. We identify strength & weaknesses and uncover reasons / triggers behind. We concurrently testing the sales/marketing channels or segments that you would need once your product is ready.

      We tend to be overly-optimistic about our ideas, and we are blind to our own biases and assumptions!
      • Identification of positive, negative and ambivalent elements of a concept​
      • Identify the elements with the highest impact​
      • Learn to speak the language of your users​
      • Ratings for areas of interest at a glance​

      →  (Almost) all types of stimuli. ​
      Generate valuable material to model & communicate your products / services ​

      Psyma Sprint
      Solution: 4. Quick Structurator
      Intuitive structures help make swifter, more convincing decisions.
      Main application: How do you design your internet presence so that the user can find the desired information quickly and easily? But also in general: Which offers should be bundled and how? With the help of the card sorting method, mental & navigation hierarchies, links / calls to action, and naming are identified to make (website) structures customer-friendly. 

      Intuitive channeling is important ​to turn users into customers!​
      • Alignment of categories and navigation with the needs of the user​
      • Making websites experienceable without being empty of content​
      • Development of an optimal website structure with concise wording.​
      • Provide the best mix between entertainment and information.​

      → Provide the optimal website structure for each market and segment 

      A look at the essentials
      Implement your strategy successfully in four steps.
      PSYMA UX Check 1. Select

      relevant attributes and ideas​

      PSYMA UX Check 2. Value

      own costs ​vs. willingness to pay​

      PSYMA UX Check 3. Enrich

      visualization and communication

      PSYMA UX Check 4. Implement

      your products in a structured way​

      Profit from our expertise and range of capabilities
      Psyma-Icon01 Proven Standard Modules

      Psyma’s  selection and refinement of industry standards.

      Psyma-Icon02 Valuable add-ons

      Qual add-ons help explain & contextualize results.

      Psyma-Icon03 Visualisation

      Results are visualized to make learnings and consequences obvious.

      Psyma-Icon04 Simulation

      Interactive Excel tools help focus results on a specific area in the spotlight.

      Psyma-Icon05 Analytics

      Optional analytical segmentation  / aggregation / reduction help identify most relevant areas.

      Your contact
      Psyma Sprint -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your contact
      Psyma Sprint -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Psyma Sprint – Close the gap between creativity and results

      Identifying relevant or profitable new products / services from a multitude of ideas. From the idea to successful implementation in four steps.