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      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Your Digital Challenges
        Provide real added value, make it recognizable and usable.
        Find digital solutions, not "business as usual".
        Increase customer loyalty & leverage upselling potentials.
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      The solution: our Benchmarking for digital customer portals
      Valid results
      • Direct feedback from actual visitors to your customer portal​
      • On-site recruitment of users​ with a specific reason for visiting​
      Comparative values
      • Multiclient study allows realistic assessment of own results​
      • Best practices & trends as input for further development of the portal​
      Cost / Efficiency
      • Appropriate price-performance ratio through multi-client study​
      • Clear recommendations for action to further develop the portal​
      • Flexible field time
      • Quick implementation through standard questionnaires, but individual adaptions are possible.
      Our E-Business-Expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      The Benchmarking analysis provides you with:
      • Determining the position of your customer portal in the market​
      • Performance optimization of your digital touchpoints
      • Identification of your unique selling points​
      • Numerous best practice solutions including prioritisation measures for new developments​
      • Concrete impulses for strategic and operational development​
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Purpose / Elements / KPI
      Visit success
      A standardized questionnaire enables benchmarking with other customer portals (also across industries)
      Overall Satisfaction
      • brand / provider
      • customer service
      • customer portal
      Brand Impact & Customer Loyalty
      Evaluation of general &​
portal-specific functions
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Delivery of results – Psyma Consultancy Reports

      All participants


      • General Benchmarking Report


      Exklusively for brand


      • Brand Report / User-Profile Report
      • Verbatims / comments as original statement
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Purpose / Elements / KPI
      Intensive Exchange on Results, Best Practices & Trends
      Round table meeting with the study participants
      Peer Networking
      • Exchange of experience among participants
      Topics & outcomes can include the following:
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Our approach / procedure
      Website Benchmarking – Our Services
      Feedback from real users
      • Recruitment of participants directly in the customer portal.
      • Invitation either as a layer in the login area of ​​the website or as a push notification in the app.
      Flexible field time and duration
      Industry-specific questions
      Cross-Industry Benchmarking
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Our approach / procedure
      Services & Timing
      Step 1: Set-Up
      • ca. 4 weeks
      • Field preparation
      • Questionnaire design
      • Technical implementation
      Step 2: Field time
      Step 3: Results
      Step 4: Round-Table Meeting
      The Benchmarking analysis provides you with:
      Actionable Results & concrete Recommendations for Optimisation

      a) KPI Scores​
      Individual KPI results per brand
      Comparison with average/ benchmarks
      Time comparison

      b) SWOT & Recommendations​
      Maintain strengths and reduce weaknesses
      recommendations for action per participant / brand

      c) Best Practice Examples  & Trends
      Presentation of the best examples / solutions
      Visualisation via screenshots
      Current trends & innovation

      Useful extensions

      Individual additional questions to the standard questionnaire
      Workshops to determine the status quo and meaningful further developments / next steps
      Qualitative approach (e.g. community) to develop further useful content

      Benefit from our Expertise

      Technical and content standards that work.


      Addressing individual requirements, adjustments to the standard.

      User Perspective

      Specialized competence center for the digital customer journey. Knowledge and understanding of usage motives and behavior.

      Practical Recommendations

      Get specific recommendations backed by Psyma’s years of expertise in website benchmarking studies and UX research.

      Beyond Benchmarking

      We support you with the next step. From idea development to success measurement.

      We love to share - selected Cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of e-business & digitalization.

      Your Contact Person
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your Contact Person
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Customer Portal Benchmarking –
      Staying one step ahead of the competition

      Psyma’s benchmarking for digital customer portals delivers actionable results and concrete recommendations for optimization.