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      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Your Digital Challenges
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
        Provide real added value, make it recognizable and usable.
        Find digital solutions, not "business as usual".
        Increase customer loyalty & leverage upselling potentials.
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      The solution: our Benchmarking for digital customer portals
      PSYMA UX Check Valid results
      • Direct feedback from actual visitors to your customer portal​
      • On-site recruitment of users​ with a specific reason for visiting​
      PSYMA UX Check Comparative values
      • Multiclient study allows realistic assessment of own results​
      • Best practices & trends as input for further development of the portal​
      PSYMA UX Check Cost / Efficiency
      • Appropriate price-performance ratio through multi-client study​
      • Clear recommendations for action to further develop the portal​
      PSYMA UX Check Flexible
      • Flexible field time
      • Quick implementation through standard questionnaires, but individual adaptions are possible.
      Our E-Business-Expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      The Benchmarking analysis provides you with:
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
      • Determining the position of your customer portal in the market​
      • Performance optimization of your digital touchpoints
      • Identification of your unique selling points​
      • Numerous best practice solutions including prioritisation measures for new developments​
      • Concrete impulses for strategic and operational development​
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Purpose / Elements / KPI
      Visit success
      A standardized questionnaire enables benchmarking with other customer portals (also across industries)
      Overall Satisfaction
      • brand / provider
      • customer service
      • customer portal
      Brand Impact & Customer Loyalty
      Evaluation of general &​
portal-specific functions
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Delivery of results – Psyma Consultancy Reports
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -

      All participants


      • General Benchmarking Report


      Exklusively for brand


      • Brand Report / User-Profile Report
      • Verbatims / comments as original statement
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Purpose / Elements / KPI
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
      Intensive Exchange on Results, Best Practices & Trends
      Round table meeting with the study participants
      Peer Networking
      • Exchange of experience among participants
      Topics & outcomes can include the following:
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Our approach / procedure
      Website Benchmarking – Our Services
      Feedback from real users
      • Recruitment of participants directly in the customer portal.
      • Invitation either as a layer in the login area of ​​the website or as a push notification in the app.
      Flexible field time and duration
      Industry-specific questions
      Cross-Industry Benchmarking
      Customer Portal Benchmarking
      Our approach / procedure
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
      Services & Timing
      Step 1: Set-Up
      • ca. 4 weeks
      • Field preparation
      • Questionnaire design
      • Technical implementation
      Step 2: Field time
      Step 3: Results
      Step 4: Round-Table Meeting
      The Benchmarking analysis provides you with:
      Actionable Results & concrete Recommendations for Optimisation

      a) KPI Scores​
      Check Individual KPI results per brand
      Check Comparison with average/ benchmarks
      Check Time comparison

      b) SWOT & Recommendations​
      Check Maintain strengths and reduce weaknesses
      Check recommendations for action per participant / brand

      c) Best Practice Examples  & Trends
      Check Presentation of the best examples / solutions
      Check Visualisation via screenshots
      Check Current trends & innovation

      Useful extensions

      Check Individual additional questions to the standard questionnaire
      Check Workshops to determine the status quo and meaningful further developments / next steps
      Check Qualitative approach (e.g. community) to develop further useful content

      Benefit from our Expertise
      Psyma-Icon01 Website-Benchmarking

      Technical and content standards that work.

      Psyma-Icon02 Consulting

      Addressing individual requirements, adjustments to the standard.

      Psyma-Icon03 User Perspective

      Specialized competence center for the digital customer journey. Knowledge and understanding of usage motives and behavior.

      Psyma-Icon04 Practical Recommendations

      Get specific recommendations backed by Psyma’s years of expertise in website benchmarking studies and UX research.

      Psyma-Icon05 Beyond Benchmarking

      We support you with the next step. From idea development to success measurement.

      We love to share - selected Cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of e-business & digitalization.

      Your Contact Person
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your Contact Person
      Customer Portal Benchmarking -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Customer Portal Benchmarking –
      Staying one step ahead of the competition

      Psyma’s benchmarking for digital customer portals delivers actionable results and concrete recommendations for optimization.