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      Online Community
      Your Challenges
      • Ensure agile / flexibility
      • Observe customer journey or product usage
      • Evaluate U&A, concepts etc.
      • Understand the truth of behavior
      • Gain qualitative insights from your target group
      • Innovate along user needs
      • Benefit from Psyma‘s expertise in finding the right methodology for your research needs

      Online Community
      Digital platform for flexible interaction with your audience / target group.
      • Interactive research experience
      • Custom recruited qualitative sample
      • Array of flexible Tools
      • Tasks for individual feedback and/or group collaboration
      • Deep dive & long-term oriented
        (more so than UX-testing or focus groups).
      • Swarm intelligence based on qualitative methodology:
        intensive interaction / in-depth discussions​
      • Ideal for iterative development process:
        Mixed methodologies for maximum flexibility.
      • Allows to address multiple objectives in one study
      Online Community
      Benefits compared to traditional research methods
      Quick & easy to implement

      Combination of ready-to-use solutions and custom designs


      → allowing instant field start – and onward to insights quickly.​


      Methods can be adapted to your target group’s needs at any point during the research process


      → allowing you to deep dive & develop iteratively.


      All-in-one vs. one after the other


      → optimal bundle of methods for a multitude of research objectives.

      Online Community
      Our solution
      Choose the one which best fits your needs
      Passive research

      Validate, listen & observe


      Quick testing of ideas / concepts

      Customer journey

      Learn about user behavior and ​
decision making processes

      Active research

      Get involved & discuss with your audience


      Develop new ideas based on ​
users’ creativity

      Meet you Customer

      Dive into the customers’ world & ​
learn what’s on their minds

      Tailor-made ​
research design:

      Modules can be combined or used in greater project environment.​
      Benefit from Psyma’s ​expertise in finding the right solution for you

      Need advice?

      Our E-Business-Expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Online Community

      What our
      clients say

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with real added value for our daily work – and beyond that for strategic considerations.

      The implementation was highly professional from conception to implementation to analysis and presentation of results and the accompanying optimization proposals.

      Online Community
      Quick testing of ideas / concepts

      Step 1: User attitude / Experience & expectations

      Step 2: Stimulus assessment​

      Step 3: Qualitative discussion of findings​

      Step 4: Quick poll / Concluding assessment​

      Online Community
      Customer Journey
      Learn about user behavior and decision making process 

      Step 1: Product / Touchpoint usage, ​

      Step 2: Monitoring of usage / behavior

      Step 3: Qualitative discussion of findings

      Step 4: Optional: ​
Deep Dive

      Online Community
      Develop new ideas based on users’ creativity

      Step 1: User attitude / Usage & needs

      Step 2: Current situation, Limitations, Missings​

      Step 3: Creation of optimized concepts ​

      Step 4: Wrap-up & vote of winner concept​

      Online Community
      Meet Your Customer
      Dive into the customers’ world 

      Step 1: User attitude / Experience & expectations​

      Step 2: Discussion of current situation​

      Step 3: Monitoring of usage / Behavior​

      Step 4: Creation of optimized concepts

      Step 5: Consolidation & optional client workshop ​

      Online Community

      Flexible combination of modules

      Easily tailored to your needs

      Online Community
      Gain actionable results & insightful recommendations for optimization

      a) Passive research (Validate, listen & observe)
      Customer journey

      b) Active research (Get involved & discuss  with your audience)
      Meet your customer

      Key Results & Management Summary
      In-depth reporting with detailed results & visualization
      Illustrated by user comments

      Meaningful extensions

      a) Pre-Step
      Pre survey for audience metrics or to recruit target group directly

      b) Post community
      Confirm & extend results (Quantitative validation, qualitative deep dive)
      Results workshop for aligning stakeholders & decision on to do’s.

      Profit from our expertise and range of capabilities
      Independent Partner

      External perspective not involved into development process allows for impartial, unbiased results

      Understanding User Feedback

      Experienced experts who understand the truths of behavior and look behind the scenes

      Targeted Recruitment

      Careful screening of your B2C and
      B2B sample to identify relevant
      target groups and achieve optimal results

      Psyma Benchmarking

      Unique insights into industry standards with Psyma’s proven benchmarking & individual surveys

      Digital Expertise

      Coverage of all touchpoints plus flexible usage of methodologies lead to clear perception of trends and innovations

      Industry Knowledge

      Market & brand expertise across all industries from an international quantitative & qualitative perspective

      Your contact
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your contact
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Online Communities – Gain in-depth insights via digital community experience

      Partner up with Psyma’s digital experts and combine the richness & depth of qualitative research with the flexibility & advantages of online research