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      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Your challenges
      • What are good / best practices?
      • Range of Touchpoints but no consolidated measurement
      • Maintaining good ROI from the start
      • Many Stakeholders competing for attention & presence
      • Lots of Data Analytics
      • Profitieren Sie von Psymas Expertise!

      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Overview of Psyma’s research approaches in Corporate Digital Communications:
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      • Main focus on Corporate Website
      • Detailed questionnaire & comprehensive analysis
      • Benchmarking against Psyma Best-Practice-Index of Corporate Websites
      • Integrated comparison of Touch Points as optional add-on

      → In-depth evaluation of Corporate Website


      Touchpoints Monitoring
      • Monitoring of a larger number of different touchpoints
      • Compact questionnaire & condense reporting
      • Comparison of Touchpoints along standardized set of KPIs

      → Monitoring / overview of different touchpoints


      Intranet Benchmarking
      • Focus on Intranet portal
      • Detailed questionnaire & comprehensive analysis
      • Open Benchmark against other Intranets
      • Best Practice examples

      → In-depth evaluation of Intranets


      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Our solution: Corporate Website Benchmarking
      User-focused monitoring of your Corporate Website
      In-depth analysis of your Corporate Website & insightful recommendations
      Benchmarking against Psyma BPI: Psyma’s Corporate Website Best Practice Index
      Integration of other Touchpoints along Corporate Website (optional)
      Corporate Website Benchmarking

      Psyma BPI: Psymas Corporate Website Best Practice Index

      Reliable Corporate Website Benchmark you can confidently base decisions on​

      • Cross-industry KPIs from global Corporate Websites (Financial, Pharmaceutical & Automotive)​
      • KPIs on Satisfaction, Visit Success,
      • Recommendation, User Experience​
      • Your results compared and put into context with guidance on optimization​

      → Design, measure and optimize with ​
      Best Practice as the benchmark​

      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      How does the survey work?
      User Survey
      • Onsite Survey with your actual website visitors
      • Feedback from unsers with a real motivation (and motives) to visit

      → High-quality feedback from actual users

      • Responsive design
      • Integration of Desktop & Mobile

      → Repräsentative sampling, valid results

      • Standardized, proven questionnaire
      • User Profile, KPI-based satisfaction, Brand Perception
      • Exclusive tailored questions possible

      → Reliable measurement, actionable outcomes

      Tailored Field Time ​
      • Flexible field time
      • Setup:
        ca. 2-3 weeks
      • Field time:
        ca. 6 weeks

      → Take part when-ever you see fit

      Our E-Business-Expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Corporate Website Benchmarking

      What our clients say

      We were able to significantly improve our results by working with the experts from Psyma.

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with real added value for our daily work – and beyond that for strategic considerations.

      The implementation was highly professional from conception to implementation to analysis and presentation of results and the accompanying optimization proposals.

      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Overview of Deliverables
      User-centered research paired with Psyma’s digital expertise
      Corporate Website Reports
      • Psyma BPI: Corporate Website Best Practice Index
      • Management Summary
      • User Profile Report
      • Touchpoint Integration (optional)
      Benchmark Reports
      Digital Conference
      Additional insights
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Psyma BPI: Corporate Website Best Practice Index
      Proven cross-industry KPIs with Best Practice as the benchmark
      • Cross-industry KPIs​
      • Proven & stable: Aggregated score from years of benchmarking
      • Traffic lights indicate results ​
        above / below Psyma BPI​
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Management Summary
      In-depth analysis of strengths & weaknesses & recommendations
      • Comprehensive SWOT analysis ​
      • Screenshots illustrating users’ experience​
      • Strategic recommendations​
      • Verbatim comments​
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      User Profile Report
      Detailed results for your own Corporate Website
      • Individual report for your Corporate Website​
      • Detailed results for specific subgroups​
      • Exclusive additional questions (optional)​
      • Wave on wave comparison​
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Integration of other Touchpoints (optional)
      Your Internal Touchpoint Benchmark Findings
      • Integration of selected Touchpoints into the analysis of your Corporate Website
      • Cross-Touchpoint Comparison
      Corporate Website Benchmarking
      Why take part?
      1st hand insights

      Your Corporate Website from the perspective of your audience


      Recommendations for strategic and operational development

      Psyma BPI

      Compare your results with an aggregated score of the best


      Requirements & assessment within your Corporate Communications landscape

      User-centered research paired with Psyma’s digital expertise
      User-centered approach

      Representative sampling of website visitors with specific needs for information & content

      Integration of other Touchpoints (optional)

      Have other Touchpoints integrated into the analysis of your corporate website for a comparison across Touchpoints

      Proven questionnaire

      Actionable insights through solid KPIs covering user requirements & satisfaction

      Psyma Brand Engagement Model

      Measure brand perception & experience in a reliable model based on key dimensions

      Psyma BPI: Psyma’s Corporate Website Best Practice Index

      Benchmark your results against our cross-industry KPIs from global Corporate Websites​

      We love to share - selected Cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of e-business & digitalization.

      Your contact person
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your contact person
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Corporate Website Benchmarking –
      May we advise you?

      I would like to learn more about Psyma Corporate Website Benchmarking. Please contact me.