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      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Your Challenges
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      • Actual audience = target audience?
      • Performance of each touchpoint?
      • Efficient use of limited resources?
      • Messages adapted to touchpoint?
      • Actual audience = target audience?
      • Which audience on which touchpoint?
      • PSYMA Circle Grau

        Benefit from Psyma‘s expertise!

      Touchpoints Monitoring

      A universe of digital touchpoints needs to be managed along the user journey

      Touchpints Monitoring
      Our solution: Touchpoints Monitoring
      PSYMA UX Check Understand your audiences
      • ​From demographics to visit / usage intent​
      • Role within customer journey​
      • Perception & satisfaction
      PSYMA UX Check Tailored to your needs
      • Research questions & touchpoints covered as needed​
      • Bespoke KPIs​
      • Benchmarks for Psyma KPIs available
      PSYMA UX Check Qual Insights
      • ​Provide an intuitive environment​
      • Create relevant messages & content​
      • Understand what increases conversion​
        rather than being limited by standardized A/B testing ​
      PSYMA UX Check Actionable results
      • ​Gain specific recommendations with an impact​
      • Prioritize optimization measures​
      • Efficiently use limited resources ​
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      More than analytics of behavioral data
      • Lots of data
      • Interaction with existing content
      • Depends on level & quality of tagging
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      • Survey-based “voice of the customer”
      • Real users with real life expectations and requirements
      • User perception & impact of your communication activities

      → Find out if touchpoints serve the intended purposes for the intended audience.
      → Getting more insights whether and how your communication works

      Touchpoints Monitoring
      How does it work?
      User Survey
      • Survey-based “voice of the customer”​
      • Real users with real life expectations and requirements

      → High-quality feedback from actual users

      Flexible Recruitment
      • All digital touchpoints can be covered!
      • Branded & unbranded Websites, Customer Portals, Apps, Social…..

      → Touchpoint-specific messaging

      • Optimal mix of Psyma Standards & Bespoke
      • Watch your corporate / brand / operational targets being achieved

      → From user satisfaction to brand strategy

      • Report & Management Summary
      • Dashboard
      • Workshops & Consulting

      → Track, Trend & Improve

      Touchpoints Monitoring

      What our
      clients say

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with a real added value for our daily work – and in addition, for strategic considerations.

      I would strongly recommend your company and services and personnel to any others and look forward continuing to include you in applicable and relevant pitches and working together in other potential future projects!

      Psyma has been a reliable partner for many years. We have always been satisfied with the results of the project both for our homepage and for our social media touchpoints and their workup.

      Our E-Business-Expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Sample Use Cases
      Large multi-industry company
      • 14 different touchpoints
        (Websites, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

      → Learn about consistent messaging with a touchpoint-specific flavor

      International company
      • 10 different country websites

      → Understand & apply country-specific issues

      • 21 brand websites

      → Ensure brand-specific appearance while sharing a common platform​

      Insurance sector
      • 1 website & 10 different apps
      → Understand needs & minimize number of offers​
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Overview of Deliverables
      Touchpoint KPI Comparison Report
      • Performance Dimensions
      • Across Touchpoints
      • Over Time
      Detailed Report per Touchpoint
      Workshop / Web Conference
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Touchpoint KPI Comparison Report (standard)
      • Cross-Touchpoint comparison
      • KPIs for
        • Overall Satisfaction
        • Visit Success
        • Recommendation
        • UX Criteria
        • Main content
      • Key findings for each touchpoint
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Detailed Report per Touchpoint (optional)
      Thorough analyses of the results complementing standard output
      Interpretation of results per touchpoint: 
      • Comprehensive SWOT analysis
      • Screenshots illustrating users’ experience
      • Strategic recommendations
      • Verbatim comments​
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Workshop /Digital Conference (optional)
      Discuss results with Psyma experts and benefit from our broad experience with digital excellence across industries & touchpoints
      Touchpoints Monitoring
      Why take part?
      PSYMA UX Check 1st hand insights
      • Your Digital Touchpoints from the perspective of your audience​
      PSYMA UX Check Actionable insights
      • Research questions & touchpoints tailored to your needs
      • Gain specific recommendations with an impact
      PSYMA UX Check Understand your audiences
      • Role within customer journey
      • Perception & satisfaction
      • Understand what increases conversion​
      PSYMA UX Check Compare
      • Requirements & assessment within your Digital Touchpoints landscape​
      • Benchmarks for Psyma KPIs available​
      Profit from our expertise and range of capabilities
      Psyma-Icon01 Independent Partner

      External, neutral  perspective allows for impartial, unbiased results

      Psyma-Icon02 Understanding User Feedback

      Experienced experts who understand the truths of behavior and look behind the scenes

      Psyma-Icon03 Targeted Recruitment

      Careful set-up per touchpoint to reach relevant target groups and achieve optimal results

      Psyma-Icon04 Psyma Benchmarking

      Unique insights into industry standards with Psyma’s proven benchmarking & individual surveys

      Psyma-Icon05 Digital Expertise

      Coverage of all touchpoints plus flexible usage of methodologies lead to clear perception of trends and innovations

      Psyma-Icon06 Industry Knowledge

      Market & brand expertise across all industries from an international quantitative & qualitative perspective

      We love to share - selected cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of e-business & digitalization.

      Your contact
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your contact
      Touchpoints Monitoring -
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Touchpoints Monitoring –
      How to Manage a Diverse Range of Digital Touchpoints?

      Benefit from Psyma’s experience in digital market research to understand different audiences and address touchpoint-specific differences while ensuring commonalities.