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      Automotive Website Benchmarking​
      • Limited Resources​
      • Local vs. central needs / mobile vs. desktop​
      • ​ Multitude of Internal Stakeholders​
      • Lots of Web Analytics​
      • Diverse user expectations​
      • Short development circles​
      • Benefit from Psyma‘s expertise!

      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Our Solution: Psyma Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Real users. Real use cases.
      In-depth analysis of your Website performance
      Benchmarking / comparison with other OEM websites
      Recommendations for further development & localization
      Automotive Website Benchmarking

      What do we measure?

      All in one. Holistic coverage of digital experience.

      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Our Approach
      How does it work?
      User Survey
      • Onsite survey with your actual website visitors
      • Feedback from users with a real motivation (and motives) to visit

      → High-quality feedback from actual users

      Sample Size & Fieldwork
      • Large sample size for meaningful results & analysis of sub-groups
      • One-off field work per year or continuous tracking

      → Representative sampling, valid results


      • Proven, standardized, questionnaire
      • User Profile, Purchase Funnel, Visit Success & Satisfaction
      • Optional exclusive, tailored questions

      → Reliable measurement, actionable outcomes

      Actionable Reporting

      Separate analysis of desktop & mobile

      In-depth analysis of specific user groups

      Recommendations for local content as well as for centrally managed aspects

      → Insightful for all stakeholders


      Our e-business expertise
      Telecommunication & IT
      Media / TV
      Consumer Goods
      Energy & Infrastructure
      Industrial Goods
      Automotive Website Benchmarking

      What our
      Clients say

      The joint research activities with Psyma provide us with a real added value for our daily work – and in addition, for strategic considerations.

      I would strongly recommend your company and services and personnel to any others and look forward continuing to include you in applicable and relevant pitches and working together in other potential future projects!

      Psyma has been a reliable partner for many years. We have always been satisfied with the results of the project both for our homepage and for our social media touchpoints and their workup.

      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Overview of Deliverables
      User-centered research paired with Psyma’s digital expertise in Automotive
      Psyma Consultancy Reports
      • Overall Report / Benchmarking
      • Brand Report
      • Management Summary / Recommendations
      Market Intelligence
      Round-table / Feedback Meeting
      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Overall Report / Benchmarking
      Comparison with other brands’ websites & Best Practice examples
      • Shared report delivered to every participant
      • KPI-based Benchmark results
      • Best practices and trends
        in user needs and expectations
      • Cross-industry comparison
      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Brand Report
      Detailed results for your own website
      • Individual report for your website
      • Detailed results for specific subgroups
      • Exclusive additional questions (optional)
      • Wave on wave comparison
      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Management Summary
      In-depth analysis of strengths & weaknesses & recommendations
      • Comprehensive SWOT analysis
      • Screenshots illustrating users’ experience
      • Strategic recommendations
      • Verbatim comments
      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Round Table Feedback Meeting
      Discussion of results & exchange with peers
      • Annual Feedback Meeting
      • Discussion of results
      • Presentation of changes & relaunches
      • Networking
      Automotive Website Benchmarking
      Why take part?
      1st hand experience
      • Your website from the perspective of your audience
      • Requirements & visit success
      • Get exclusive recommendations tailored to your website, audiences and targets
      • Compare your results with those of other OEM websites
      • Trends & Challenges
      Peer networking
      • Meet & discuss with other digital managers with similar challenges
      Benefit from our expertise in Website Benchmarking
      Independent expertise

      Unbiased results with a fresh look at challenges at hand

      User-centered approach

      Representative sampling of your website users with specific needs for information & content

      Proven concept

      Actionable insights through solid KPIs covering user requirements & satisfaction

      Tailored design

      Exclusive additional questions are possible catering to individual objectives & research needs

      Benchmarking & Best Practices

      Compare your results against other Automotive OEM Websites and learn from the best

      We love to share - selected cases

      We conduct research for a large number of national and international companies in a wide range of industries. We are happy to share our know-how and experience with you. Here we present some selected cases from the field of e-business & digitalization.

      Your Contact Partner
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director
      Your Contact Partner
      Dieter Gabsteiger
      Managing Director

      Psyma Automotive Website Benchmarking –
      Established Standard. Actionable results.

      User-centered research paired with Psyma’s digital expertise in Automotive.