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      Ethnography – authentic qualitative market research of the highest level

      There is no clear answer to every question. And sometimes there is a world of difference between what someone says and what someone actually does.

      This is where Psyma Sight & Sense comes in:

      Use Psyma Sight & Sense to conduct ethnographic market research and gain a wide variety of insights and knowledge:

      Methods used in ethnographic research:

      Psyma EthnoWalk®

      The Psyma EthnoWalk® provides you with in-depth ethnographic data on sensitive topics that cannot be observed and explored directly.

      The method draws on the psychology of trust and involves the researcher and participant going on a walk in a stimulating environment with a special meaning to the participant. This allows the researcher to talk to participants in a comfortable setting without getting too close to them by sitting on their couch, for example. Building the utmost level of trust between the researcher and participant makes it easier to gain the best possible insights.