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      Psyma China
      CHN | Shanghai
      Psyma Business Research China
      Suite 1101B, LONSEN 777 TOWER, 777 Wan Rong Road 200072
      Shanghai, P.R.China
      T +86-21-6683-8860

      Psyma China is one of the most renowned international providers of qualitative market research in the Middle Kingdom. Success in China requires cultural insight as well as keen awareness of the dynamic regulatory environment. Psyma’s team offers local market expertise backed with the unparalleled knowledge and reputation of the PSYMA GROUP AG. Psyma can design an innovative market research program in state of the art facilities equipped with Active Group and Focus Vision technologies to provide data and insight critical to product or brand success.

      Industrial and Investment Goods research in China

      China is one of the most promising, yet most difficult markets to penetrate. We help your company by using globally proven methodologies paired with local expertise. Our expertise in understanding regional markets as well as their “game rules” helps international customers to better adapt to the local markets’ needs.
      We have a broad branch & market know-how and conduct over 150 projects per year. Our clients come from the investment and industrial goods industry, the technical products and services areas. We are active in:

      Market Intelligence

      The evaluation of (new) markets and companies based on a combination of secondary research and technical discussions in the market, is a strength in our expertise spectrum.

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