MOSTER™ and ConKano™: Innovative Tools for Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention

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Customer satisfaction is no longer synonymous with customer retention. This is especially true in the ever more transparent competitive environment, new digital information sources and global reach. The users’ needs can change quickly: What is exciting today might be expected tomorrow. The outcome of this is:

  • declining customer loyalty despite improved customer satisfaction
  • a change of provider even for satisfied customers; often they won’t lose much, but could gain a lot
  • Innovative Study designs

    PSYMA offers MOSTERTM and ConKanoTM, two innovative tools based on the Kano Model that determine the most target-oriented and efficient performance dimensions in which to invest financial and personnel resources to:

    • Maintain customers
    • Satisfy dissatisfied customers
    • Gain the advantage over the competition

    The Kano Model assumes that performance dimensions affect satisfaction and retention differently. If this is known, then the market can be addressed successfully:

    1. Basic “Must-Be” attributes

    A prerequisite that must be fulfilled because the attributes cause dissatisfaction if they do not occur; however, if they occur, they do not necessarily mean more satisfaction, e.g., hygiene in the hospital, or a stable mobile phone network.

    “Meet a minimum level”

    2. “Linear” performance attributes

    Satisfaction increases with improved performance (one-dimensional). These characteristics describe the area of measuring customers’ expectations, e.g., guarantee length.

    “Be better than the competition“

    3. “Delight” excitement attributes

    Add-on services not normally expected, so not missed. These characteristics can excite if they occur, e.g., technical support within a few hours.

    “Establish USP”

     Satisfaction Loyality


  • You have a choice

    MOSTER™ (MOnitoring Satisfaction To Ensure Retention) a stand-alone solution, offers an extensive tool that also considers customer expectations. Precise identification of the dimensions needed to turn a slightly dissatisfied customer to satisfied, or even delighted (“Quick Wins”), while helping to avoid exceeding expectations.

    ConKano™, an optimized add-on tool, can be integrated easily into the existing survey, using questionnaires that target core aspects.

  • Methodology

    • Applicable as face-to-face, telephone or online approaches
    • Performance attributes defined jointly with clients in qualitative pre-phases and workshops
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be measured also, e.g., Net Promoter Score to determine the willingness to recommend, overall satisfaction, intent to reuse
  • Psyma offers MOSTER™ and ConKano™

    • Analysis according to customer target groups and/or in comparison to the competition over time
    • Individual strategy plan to improve customer retention
    • Efficient use of available resources to ensure focus on highly influential attributes and prioritize actions

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