Psyma Sight & Sense

Not every question has a clear answer. Sometimes words and actual behavior are worlds apart. Use Psyma Sight & Sense to:

  • Experience your target group in its natural environments - at home, at work, shopping, driving – to see how your products are used in various situations
  • Understand the habitual and unconscious behavioral footprints of your target group Discover articulated and unarticulated needs, motivations and emotions
  • Consider the influence of social networks on consumers’ behavior
  • Recognize the actual problem to develop a targeted solution
  • What is Psyma Sight & Sense?

    09 ETNOGRAPHY 1 What is Psyma Sight Sense


    Psyma Sight & Sense offers a holistic approach designed to interact with the consumer in his own environment and capture attitudes in the context of everyday life for a better understanding that goes beyond words.

    The foundations of the ethnographic approach are interactive observation and in situ (on-site), in-depth exploration. These are combined and enriched with other qualitative methods according to differing study goals.


      Ethnography methodology spectrum:
    • In-depth explorations in situ (e.g., at home)
    • (Interactive) observation
    • Photo and video documentation
    • Diaries, blogs and collages
    • Usage of mobile recording techniques (e.g., smartphones) to follow user behavior
  • What is Psyma Sight & Sense suited for?

      Psyma Sight & Sense ethnographic market research is useful for a variety of approaches and insight goals:
    • Innovation: generates new product and proposal ideas based on (as yet) undiscovered needs
    • Research and development: input for design, transformation and requirements for real products and proposals
    • Optimization of products and proposals
    • Target group segmentation: detailed insights on the target group, its  behavior patterns, values, approach and environment
  • Methodology Mix

    The Individual Path to the Goal

    Psyma develops an optimal custom research plan for each company after careful consideration of needs and goals. Research innovation involves identification of potential products, ideas and events.

    09 ETNOGRAPHY 2 Methodology Mix

      Ethnographic research yields exciting results, delivering “emotional insights” into the world of your target group:
    • Join Psyma and maximize your output: Psyma’s clients are active partners in the project from beginning to end: from observation in the field, through creative, interactive workshops and on to evaluation and analysis.
    • Analytical and illustrative results optimize implementation at the corporate level: Project results, analyses and strategies are presented in a detailed report including Key Findings and an analytical Management Summary including photos, video, audio and DVD documentation

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