Psyma EthnoWalk©

Ethnographic research is useful for verbal concentration on what is hidden from view.

The Psyma EthnoWalk© delivers ethnographic concentration on sensitive topics that cannot be observed and explored directly.

What if you want to concentrate on the consumer’s quintessence apart from the tangible product world: his fears, values, visions or his understanding of luck? How do you discern the consumer’s innermost and most intimate feelings on such topics as security, age, death or love? How do you research the consumer’s thoughts about things that have nothing to do with a product, but with the consumer himself: his biography and personality or his deeply-rooted brand images?

The Psyma EthnoWalk© Sequence

The Psyma EthnoWalk© is based on the psychology of trust. It offers the ethnographic idea of the consumer’s own environment and his motivations, without getting too close to the consumer by, for example, sitting on his own couch. Maximum insights can only be attained through maximum trust.

  • Researcher and consumer meet at a location where the consumer has emotional bonds such as home, or another location for which there is a strong positive feeling (e.g., pleasure, progress, beauty, security)
  • This meeting place is the starting point for a journey together; the researcher is equipped with a small tape recorder and a camera.
  • Spontaneously, they walk together, getting to know one another, dealing with questions and their corresponding memories, emotions and visions for the future.
  • Impressions of the environment can and should be part of the conversation. Environmental observation can inspire continued conversation and facilitate description of certain situations.
  • Researcher and consumer walk side by side with no confrontation or prolonged eye contact.
  • The walk ends at the consumer’s home. After the trip together, when enough trust has been built, the researcher can achieve more intimate and extensive insights than might be obtained using “classical ethnographic methods”.

The respondent stays in his territory and feels safe and undisturbed. He does not get the impression that the talk is (too) demanding, instead they walk and “work” together, moving forward together, and at the end closing the case: They arrive.

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