Telecommunications & IT

Usability and functionality of products determine the satisfaction level of customers and greatly influence market success. Challenges for manufacturers of telecommunications and information technology products include:

  • Finding the perfect match between the complexity of technical devices and software solutions and the customers’ needs
  • Developing products that promise enduring market success and at the same time keeping pace with a dynamic market and a competitive environment 
  • Considering the increasing convergence of technology and content, e.g., media and entertainment: New interfaces and a variety of purposes for one product

Usability testing considers the perception of users regarding functionality, user-friendliness, process flow and design. In addition, the acceptance of innovations as well as new product ideas and services can be examined for added value.

  • Which questions can be answered?

    • What is required regarding handling and navigation?
    • What is the expected interaction between the user and device?
    • Is operation easy, intuitive and understandable?
    • How are individual performance components and optimization potentials accepted with regard to usage, product features and services?
    • To what extent does the product/software integrate into daily routines, both private and business?
    • Is usage as intended? Are there alternative or additional purposes?
    • Is there separate or universal use of product for private and/or business purposes?
  • How does it work?

    • Usability Lab: combining observation and survey techniques, the usability lab traces existing problems and indicates scope for improvement
    • Ethnographic market research: observing behavior in the context of everyday reality, i.e., outside the “laboratory situation” of focus groups and studio-interviews
  • Applications

    • IT hardware 
    • Mobile devices, e.g., smartphones, tablets, notebooks, navigation systems
    • Telecommunication equipment, e.g. hands-free equipment
    • IT peripherals
    • Industrial electronics
    • Software solutions for consumer and business purposes
    • Apps 
    • User manuals and packaging
    • Convergent solutions. Interfaces, e.g., between telecommunication and car technology or telecommunication and conventional consumer electronics

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