Online Usability Lab: Evaluate the Usability of your Website

Users of a website determine whether an encounter is successful. Both usability and content play roles determining the duration of time spent and the activity, e.g., shopping, on a website. Combining survey and observation techniques allows the online usability lab to track existing problems and discern strategies for improvement.

  • Which questions can be answered?

    The Usability Lab can determine: 

    • Is it immediately evident what a website has to offer 
    • Is it clear how the website differentiates itself from competitors 
    • Is information intuitively accessible 
    • Are tools, e.g., calculators or search functions, intuitive and comprehensible 
    • Are texts and navigation points clear and concise
  • How does a usability test work?

    • Takes place in a test studio
    • Is conducted by a Psyma expert
    • Starts with a preliminary interview that measures experience and expectations
    • Comprises both free surfing and guided, task-based exploration
    • Concludes with a follow-up interview that measures likes, dislikes and impressions
    • Targets a wide variety of groups
    • Needs a smaller number of interviews (10-30)
    • Generates practice-orientated reports

    06 03 how does it work

  • Additional analyses using EyeTracking

    Eye tracking shows the movement and the intensity of the viewer´s visual attention, thus enabling a deeper understanding of the cognitive processes involved. In this way, obstacles arising from the use/ perception of a medium become apparent. 

    Analysis of eye movement shows, for example, whether important elements of a sample are seen, how quickly they are seen, how interesting/ complex particular areas are to the user and whether the sample contributes to constructive usage.

    Psyma uses a remote EyeTracking technology, i.e. the cameras are integrated in monitor to enable a natural usage experience. Test persons solve search and orientation tasks under observation of an interviewer.

    EyeTracking results help answer the following questions:

    • How does the layout and design influence where the viewer’s attention is drawn to? Where are the user’s entrance and exit points?
    • Where are the areas of interest on the test objects, where are the “dead zones”?
    • Which elements received the most attention?
    • Does the product receive proper attention? How are elements forwarding attention to other important areas?
    • Where does in-depth processing occur?
    • Are important functional elements (i.e. buttons, links) seen and understood correctly?
  • Applications

    • Determine whether an existing website is relevant and what could or should be improved
    • Plan a relaunch:
      • Which design alternatives would be most effective
      • How should improvements be implemented
      • What additional services should be offered
    • Investigate prototypes: wire frames, screenshots, printouts, linked pages
    • Compare alternative designs
    • Test whole websites or single functions, e.g., calculator tools or closed customer sections
  • Further types of usability tests

    Quantitative Usability Lab:

    • Interview in a test studio without observation and video recording
    • Conducted by experienced interviewer 
    • Greater number of interviews (minimum of 30 to 50 per target group).
    • Practice orientated but quantifiable reports with targeted group-specific results

    Mini Usability Lab

    • Interview in a test studio without observation and video recording
    • Conducted by experienced interviewer
    • Short, structured questionnaire (10-15 minutes) often with very specifically formulated questions, e.g., only usability details
    • Greater number of interviews (minimum of 30 to 50 per target group)
    • Quick results
    • Quantifiable reports, with targeted group-specific results

    Remote Testing

  • Psyma’s Industry Expertise

    We have conducted more than 700 usability interviews within the last 3 years with a focus on the following industries:

    • Automotive
    • IT & Telecommunication
    • E-Commerce
    • Banks
    • Insurance
    • Others, e.g. transport, energy, …

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