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The development of advertising optimized for specific target groups requires several phases. Psyma’s broad variety of research methods can support a brand throughout the process to raise awareness, affect change and, ultimately, to achieve brand equity and loyalty within relevant target groups.

Psyma combines innovative qualitative and quantitative approaches to deliver a holistic picture of the effectiveness of communication strategies and advertising, optimizing the ability to change behaviors.

  • Qualitative methods allow an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior by investigating the underlying emotional and rational triggers leading to product and brand preferences.
  • Quantitative methods provide an accurate measurement of the impact of KPIs of a communication strategy and advertising. Psyma’s approach examines current beliefs and behavior to measure progress of the campaign toward its desired outcome.
  • Psyma’s integrated research solutions deliver the “best of both worlds”. The variety of research options can provide reliable data and actionable strategies to address the key issues emerging from your communication initiatives.

With 50 years of experience in communication research, Psyma tailors each project to a client’s individual communication concept, maximizing the potential of your communications through optimal targeting.

Psyma’s range of methods and their possible integration into the advertising process

  • Focus Groups and In-depth Interviews

    Support development and optimization by allowing qualitative analyses of the “natural” language and thinking of consumers and explore less tangible insights from selected target groups.

  • Real-Time-Response (RTR) Tools

    Support development and optimization by their ability to be integrated into focus groups and provide quick, quantitative feedback

    • Immediately after viewing an ad, group participants rate the ad in closed-ended questions using small electronic devices such as smartphones
    • Data can be quickly analyzed while the group is underway and then integrated into the discussion to gain a deeper understanding of specific perceptions from the group
    • Allows idea screening and the identification of intriguing test participants who can be chosen for further discussions

    Benefits of RTR Tools

    • Flexible approach with mobile technology
    • Interactive study design
    • Mixed methods: quantitative data is integrated in qualitative context
    • Large sample size for more valid data
    • Fast results for instant decisions
    • Internationally adoptable

    04 real time response


  • "Ad Optimizer" / "Story Optimizer"

    Unique supporting application that compares alternative wording variants, visuals or story lines in order to optimize advertising design

    • Test persons are presented with different combinations of product messages
    • Pictures or graphs can be integrated
    • Results indicate the relative importance of the specifications on different dimensions for the target group(s)
    • Additional uses for package optimization and defining the optimal target group for a brand or product

    04 Ad Optimizer

  • Eye Tracking Analysis

    Examines the impact, sequence, and intensity of the viewers’ visual attention, revealing, e.g., whether:

    • important elements of ads are seen
    • how quickly they are noticed
    • interest level and complexity to the user
    • test objects support the desired perception and impact

    What questions can be answered?

    • How do layout and design influence the pattern of viewer’s attention
    • Where are the user’s entrance and exit points
    • Where are the areas of highest interest; where are the “dead zones”
    • Which elements receive the most attention
    • Are product, message and sender receiving proper attention
    • How are the elements forwarding attention to other important areas
    •  Where does in-depth processing occur

    04 eye tracking example

  • Online-Folder-Tests

    Test advertisement is incorporated, along with other ads, into magazine content and format to evaluate its characteristics, attention-grabbing power and attractiveness among competitor ads:

    • Compiles 10 - 12 current ads according to client instructions, related experience & direct competition with the product
    • Considers ad format (1-page, 2-page, paper size, etc.)
    • Randomizes sequence to avoid the chance of order recall

    By realistically simulating the test advertisement’s reception, results can reveal:

    • Brand penetration
    • Attention for the ad and strength of message among competitors’ offers
    • Identification of most important elements

    Following the presentation of the folder, test persons might be interviewed in detail.

  • Click Test

    Easily integrated when testing advertisements online or in face-to-face interviews

    • Respondents can click on any area that attracts their attention
    • Helps determine what parts of an ad are more compelling and why

    05 attention click test

  • Screenshot Commentator

    Participants in an online survey can click on areas or elements of an ad and insert their comments in a text box, revealing:

    • Which areas attract more attention and why
    • Whether the attention is positive or negative

    05 screenshot commentator


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