Market Research in the Area of Technical Products and Services

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Our clients come from the investment and industrial goods industry, the technical products and services areas. Famous manufacturers from various branches are our clients. We would be happy to give them to you as references.

We have a broad branch and market know-how and thus can answer diverse questions from our clients. We have proven this by conducting over 150 projects, yearly, worldwide. We are active in many branches:

  • Building and Energy Technology
  • Construction Industry
  • Engineering and Metal-Working Industry
  • Electro and Automation Technology
  • Recycling
  • Industry and Property Services (Industrial Services/Facility Management)

Our coworkers are specialists from business and industry, and possess academic backgrounds. Among others, we employ economists and social scientists, engineers and  architects.

Our range of services offers conclusive tailor-made solutions to your tasks, e. g. classic market analysis or market oriented product development using a conjoint approach, or market strategies for technical products or measuring customer satisfaction – using the Kano approach – for complex contexts.

Market Intelligence – the evaluation of (new) markets and companies based on a combination of secondary research and technical discussions in the market, is a strength in our expertise spectrum.

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