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Psyma offers a unique integration of qualitative approaches and quantitative methods for an in-depth understanding of consumers. Experienced and creative researchers specialized in the client’s industry customize marketing-oriented research programs to meet a variety of needs. At the core of Psyma’s research are consumers and their everyday behavior, usage patterns, needs and expectations. Psyma’s experts partner with clients to develop innovative solutions worldwide utilizing Psyma’s global network.

Targeted research and insights result in specific and strategic recommendations on content and conception of products, services and advertising material. Results and recommendations are communicated with empathy and charisma, in a clear and convincing manner.

The Psyma Difference – Profit from our experience in various industries

  • Food and beverages
  • Sport and lifestyle
  • White goods
  • Energy and transportation
  • Lotto
  • Cosmetics

Research topics include

  • Concept and product tests
  • Brand management
  • Advertising research
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Taste/Degustation tests
  • POS research
  • Target group segmentations

More than 50 years experience in market research consulting

  • Single source for all methods with custom research approaches
  • Focus groups/Creative workshops/Mini-groups
  • In-depth-interviews (also pair interviews with two respondents)
  • Ethnographic research/Psyma EthnoWalk®
  • Online live-chats and online communities
  • Expert evaluations
  • CAPI, Online Access Panel, CATI
  • Real-Time-Response-Measuring (also via mobile devices)

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