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Passionate People. Creative Solutions.

We are an international market research company conducting research in over 40 countries with passion and enthusiasm. We deliver tailor-made solutions for all your research needs. People and their motives in terms of market relevant behavior across cultural borders, are our focal point. Personal service, commitment, flexibility, sustainability and expertise are more important to us than just standard solutions.

Take our word for it.

Brand Research – Psyma Brand Profiler I Psyma Brand Lounge I Psyma Brand Lab

The strengths and appeal of your brand significantly influence your market success.
To be able to reach your goals and to raise the attractiveness of your brand, Psyma will deliver valid insights, determine drivers for your success and recommend application-oriented strategies.

Innovative Studies to Measure Client Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Psyma offers MOSTERTM and ConKanoTM, two innovative analysis options to minimize disaffection proclivity, to quickly change dissatisfied customers into satisfied ones and thus achieve the competitive edge. Innovative market research by Psyma.

Innovation Research and Concept Research – PsyLab I Trade Research I FMCG Research

It becomes ever more important to listen to customers’ views so you can fulfill their needs. Psyma supports every step of the development phase with qualitative and quantitative market research methods and thus supports you in making the right decision.

Communication Research –Focus Groups I IDIs I POS Interviews I Real Time Response Tools

Psyma combines innovative qualitative and quantitative research approaches, to gain an overall picture of the efficacy of communication measures. Single verified projects help you to maximize the success via the optimal attention of your target group. 

E-Business Competence - Website Usability & Evaluation I Benchmarking I Eye Tracking

Psyma is an international leader in online market research with its website benchmarking.
We deliver a valid base for the optimal transmission of information about products, services and brand values – naturally also for mobile websites and apps.

Design & Usability Testing I Automotive I Medical Ergonomics I Telecommunication and IT

Psyma examines clients’ reactions in realistic usage situations using design and usability studies. The studies generally start with a qualitative approach followed by a combination of polling and observation, and are also used in use labs and car clinics.

Online Communities Market Research – Expert Community I Consumer Community

Generate insights for completely different topics via the interaction between the test person in an online community. Especially new ideas, products and services can be developed and evaluated as to their target group relevance and efficiency.

Ethnographic Market Research – Psyma Sight & Sense I Psyma Ethno-Walk®

Ethnography takes place in the client’s natural habitat. This way you get the chance to investigate the real and undistorted consumer behaviors, consumer buying habits, approaches, motivations and needs. You become real and unbiased to your client.

Psyma Online Radar Social Media Monitoring I Tracking I Ad Hoc Analyses

Using User Generated Content in forums, blogs or social online networks, consumer can share their views, needs and preferences. By monitoring this content, you can visualize the feedback in a dashboard, and thus integrate your product development or communication.

Psyma Group AG

Rueckersdorf/Nuremberg Germany
Phone: +49 (0)911 99574-0