Psyma’s Donation for Nepal

18/05/2015 | en

A second massive earthquake has unsettled and terrified the people of Nepal.

UNICEF has been working round the clock to provide the children and their parents there with emergency accommodations, drinking water and medication. “We are worried about the children who have gone through so much already” said Rose Foley, a UNICEF associate. According to UNICEF, there are currently 1.7 million children who urgently need help.

Psyma coworkers participated in a fundraiser for the children of the affected area. PSYMA GROUP AG rounded out the money donated to make an even 1,000 €.  

Social responsibility is a deep-rooted belief in the German middle class. Ever since it was founded, Psyma has had a continuous social commitment, as a matter of personal importance. Our sense of responsibility does not end at the company’s front door.

Please help the Nepalese children with your donations.

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