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25/03/2014 | en

The Psyma Adverse Events Team has been enhanced with additional personnel to facilitate and support the reporting of undesirable side effects. The new AE team is composed of three coworkers, led by Lucie Eggerickx, the Psyma Adverse Event & Contract Manager. She studied Law and has been with Psyma since 2006. Dr. Christine Rührig (Healthcare Project Manager) joined Psyma in 2003 and holds a doctorate in Biology in the field of Pharmacovigilance.  Kerstin Meixensberger (Senior Research Manager) is a qualified nurse and a graduate in Business Administration, and has also been at Psyma since 2003. The Psyma AE team is the main point of contact for pharmacovigilance departments on the client side, and is internally responsible for coordination with the project management and the fieldwork agencies. The team assumes responsibility for the central implementation of client requirements, as well as compliance with legal and ethical guidelines governing Adverse Event Reporting. This includes the complete processing of AE reporting for studies as well as organizing and coordinating AE training. As a result, a standardized AE process has been established, with both client and project specific AE requirements being organized in a time saving manner.

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