Industrial and Investment Goods research in China

China is one of the most promising, yet most difficult markets to penetrate. We help your company by using globally proven methodologies paired with local expertise. Our expertise in understanding regional markets as well as their “game rules” helps international customers to better adapt to the local markets’ needs.   
We have a broad branch & market know-how and conduct over 150 projects per year. Our clients come from the investment and industrial goods industry, the technical products and services areas. We are active in:

  • Building and Energy Technology
  • Construction Industry
  • Engineering and Metal-Working Industry
  • Electro and Automation Technology
  • Chemical Industry and Recycling
  • Industry and Property Services (Industrial Services/Facility Management)
  • Medical Technology
  • Environment protection and Green Energy
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Electronic components and Instruments
  • Mining and Raw materials

Market Intelligence

The evaluation of (new) markets and companies based on a combination of secondary research and technical discussions in the market, is a strength in our expertise spectrum.

  • Market Entry. China is changing constantly, you need to know its history to understand the present and forecast its future, Our team of professional experts in different fields, knowledge of latest changes in the regulatory environment, combining best in class methodologies with cultural insights for actionable results, will help you entering into the dynamic Chinese market.
  • Market Adaptation. Entering the market is not sufficient, you need to adapt to it and remain in it. China is a fast changing society, in constant development, where the game rules can change abruptly. Trade and distribution channels are adapting to the modern times, “Guanxi” (= connections & relationships) will affect your success. We offer you the key for the Great Wall!

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