Trend: ‘done community work lately?‘

08/05/2013 | en

It was reported during a recent ESOMAR conference that close to 10% of worldwide market research activities are utilizing Market Research Online Communities (MROCs).   Naturally, the CPG industry is leading that trend, but more and more pharmaceutical companies are turning to MROCs to build research efficiencies and deepen their level of engagement with their stakeholders.

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Building your own custom online community of stakeholders offers many advantages:

  • Larger Sample - Research communities are typically much larger than conventional qualitative approaches, allowing for coverage across several target segments and the potential for hybrid qualitative/quantitative feedback. We typically recommend keeping a “manageable” size to ensure maximum respondent engagement level (e.g., 30-40 respondents on average). MROCs should not to be confused with large quantitative research using available online panels.
  • Broader Scope - The online format of research communities enables you to cover a greater wider geographic reach in a way that is much more efficient than research in central locations (e.g., think of those hard to recruit patients with rare conditions
  • Deeper Insights -The longitudinal nature of research communities (weeks/months) enables you to engage at a much deeper level on a given topic with respondents (e.g., patient journey research, Netnography)
  • Versatility - Research communities allow you to cover a wide range of topics, from new product development to communications testing, using innovative technologies (video, audio, mobile…)
  • Time saving - Having an online community at your disposal can shorten the research cycle
  • Cost saving - Over time, MROCs can save significant money over conventional in-facility approaches

Some companies attempt to build and manage these communities internally. However, engaging and researching an online community requires significant dedicated resources. At a time when most research departments are understaffed, it has been our experience that your organization will be better served by partnering with an outside provider to build and manage your communities.

This is why more and more of our clients turn to Psyma to help them define, build, manage and engage online communities on their behalf. You can find more information on the use of MROCs here.

If you find yourself needing an in-depth look into a targeted segment over the next few weeks or months, or if you anticipate a repeated series of qualitative research (e.g., launching activities), consider an online research community approach.
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