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05/03/2013 | en

According to researchers, up to 90% of our decisions are made under the impact of non-conscious processes. Neurosciences offer tools to discover and measure these processes. A collaboration between Mexican and German researchers - together with the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) - presents an overview of the status quo and progress in neurosciences applied to marketing, in the book titled "Neuromarketing: a new way to understand the mind of consumers".


Mexico City, February 2013 - Neuromarketing - in spite of being a relatively young discipline - is increasingly becoming more important to marketing and the development of new products around the world. Biometrics laboratories measure people’s physiological responses to certain stimuli and help obtain the bases in order to offer products and services that have been optimized to suit the consumer’s needs. 

This field has been researched by the UNAM for several years. Now - in an unprecedented act - the researchers are offering an introduction to the subject based on an empirical research. Dr. Juan Alberto Adam Siade, Director of the UNAM’s Faculty of Accounting and Management, states in the prologue: "(..the book...) is a novel work, since the neuroscience-marketing link was scientifically explored for the first time in Mexico."

According to the author, Dr. Philipp Hillenbrand, marketing expert and international business consultant, the use of neurosciences in marketing is not limited to understanding the physiological basis behind the preference of one product over another, but it also helps to "analyze how the price level impacts the consumer’s perception, it allows us to design sales channels in accordance with the emotional demands of consumers and to refine the approaches of our communication messages." Dr. Javier Cervantes, co-author of the book and founding partner of Psyma Latina says: "Neuroscience-based marketing and market research are already a reality. They offer not only complementary tools to conventional marketing methods, but also allow us to detect and to better fulfill the needs of consumers. The benefit for consumers can be found in the products and communication campaigns that are more ad hoc to their needs and interests."

Throughout the book "Neuromarketing: a new way to understand the mind of consumers", marketing and science students, as well as professionals obtain a wide introduction to this new professional field. However, the book is also aimed at entrepreneurs seeking innovation tools and at general audiences who are interested in learning how scientists and companies are currently looking for better ways to detect and satisfy the needs of consumers. 

The book will be presented on Friday, March 1st, at the International Book Fair of the Palace of Mines. 

The book can be ordered at the UNAM’s online store:


The authors:

Dr. Philipp Hillenbrand: doctor of the UNAM and winner of the Mexican Academy of Sciences’ award for the best doctoral thesis (2008) on Social Sciences and Marketing consultant

Dr. Javier Cervantes: Professor and researcher of the UNAM and founding partner of Psyma Latina

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